Footprints of the Raleigh Garden Club

There are long, amazing lists of projects undertaken by the Raleigh Garden Club in our History Books for each year, now in the NC State Archives. Projects to beautify our community, our parks, and our public spaces. Reading over these lists, I got to wondering where all these projects are today.  And so I started looking for our footprints…  how our club made an impact on our community. It grew into a lot of fun – a chance to explore the area and seek out the places where the RGC difference is still there to see - Erica W.

Find some more of our footprints!  Download a pdf list of our footprints quest to your phone or print it out, and follow the clues and directions we've found from the History Books. 

  • March - a list of the spring flowering trees planted for past Arbor Days or special projects to find and enjoy.
  • January - Some well-known RGC members have left lovely footprints. Read here about the Charlotte Hilton Green Park, the Mary McMillan Garden, and the Margaret Reid Wildflower Garden.
  • November - this page is a list of all the Arbor Day tree plantings of the Raleigh Garden Club, organized by park. This list below lets you pick a park and download a pdf of the footprints directions for that park.
    • Pullen Park -coming shortly
    • Fletcher Park
    • Cameron Park - coming shortly
    • Glen Eden Pilot Park - coming shortly
    • Edna May Wells Park- coming shortly
  • October Footprints - look for some glorious fall trees in Fletcher Park, a grove of 20 flowering trees at the Captial Boulevard Gateway to Raleigh, and the mystery of the Charlotte Hilton Green garden at White Oak Road...

“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.”   -- Anonymous

To read about the many footprints we have discovered, click here....


Red Dawn Trees Planted in 1976

In honor of the US Bicentennial, 40 Red Dawn (Metasequioa) were planted in  Pullen Park. Here they are today.


Raleigh Rescue mission

Another big project of the 1970's was landscaping the Raleigh Rescue mission.


Arbor Day Memorial Tree Plantings

The Club has planted more than 27 trees in the last 10 years in Raleigh Parks to honor our departed members. This is a grove of 6 Fringe trees planted in Glen Eden Parks.